Our Current Work

 The Reintegration Assistance Program (RAP)               In addition to becoming self-sufficient as an agency, the intentions of the RAP Program and Enterprise Businesses was to serve as a one year education and training program designed to provide the student/residents social, educational and vocational skill development that will offer the best chance at recovery and long term self-sufficiency. We believe it takes at least a year to “get well” after returning from war or having spent many years living on the streets, in homeless shelters, jails or hospitals. This program gives them a chance to rediscover their personal assets, find a sense of purpose in a very positive environment, give back to the community and most importantly develop HOPE for the future.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The RAP program first evaluates each student’s interests, abilities, skills and values to determine a career path to consider as well as a treatment program for those with mental or physical health illnesses or substance abuse issues. This is an “each one teach one program” and we utilize professional volunteers and minimally paid staff and the residents themselves as “life coaches” to provide support in their recovery. Our goals and previously observed results have indicated that this program has had a positive effect including:

  1. Increase in self esteem and HOPE

  2. Improvement/maintenance of both mental health and sobriety

  3. Compliance in probation and parole orders

  4. Development of new skills that have and will continue to prepare them for self-sufficiency to include a minimum of;

Customer Service & Sales Cleaning and Home Care

General Remodeling & Home Repair Snow Removal

Landscaping and Yard Care Inventory & Quality Control

Accounting and bookkeeping Personal cares

Furniture refinishing and repair Cooking /baking

Business and supervisory skills Improvement in academic skills

Marketing and promotions Online sales and networking

Jewelry making, painting and other crafts Small engine repair

Sewing, embroidery Woodworking

Ceramics, sculpting etc Greeting card, stamping

Transportation services including moving Frame making

Office Support/Computer Managerial

Care Provider Pricing & staging

  1. Academic achievement evidenced by pre and post tests and attainment of the Employability Skills Certificate from the North Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board and the National Career Readiness Certificate offered by ACT. Initial training of the NCRC will be evidenced by improvement on the KeyTrain online program.

  2. Self sufficiency either through the acquisition of a new job or disability benefits

  3. Overcoming self defeating behaviors like substance abuse, eating disorders, gambling and sex addictions, negative relationships and others through consistent attendance at counseling, recovery groups and self help groups.