Who We Are and What We Do

In a brainstorming/strategic planning session in 2013,  the many residents who attended gave their thoughts. All were enlightening and encouraging but the one that stuck was that Randlin Homes is an organization that is “Renewing Heroes and Restoring Hope”  We do that through offering Help Opportunity Praise and Encouragement to meet the challenges of life, overcome the barriers and offer a lighthouse in the storms of life to empower them to move on to self sufficiency.

As one student/resident put it “Randlin Homes is a place that allows me the opportunity to achieve a better quality of life. What I do with it is up to me”

Niron, an Army Veteran who has been with Randlin Homes for over 3 years and lives in one of our transitional homes with 2 other veterans, is now certified in computers through Northcentral Technical College where he will be getting an Associates Degree in Computer support. When Niron first started school he described Randlin as “A place that gives people a hand up, not a hand out”

A Vietnam Veteran said “Randlin Homes is not and institution, they are a family who cares”

A Desert Storm Veteran said “Randlin Homes was there when everyone else had given up. Without them caring like they have I would be dead”

Randlin Homes offers a comprehensive recovery, training and transition program in a family enviornment to people who have had struggles in life that are ready to change and help others in the process. We are often the last resort for people who who others turn away but we aren’t afraid of a persons background if they are committed to make their future different than their past.

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Our Enterprise Businesses

Randlin Homes is planning to be an icon not only in Wausau but in other places as well. Though like any organization or business we struggle but we do not give up. We certainly need more supporters and leaders to help us move the organization forward. We plan for clearer vision and more staffing to make it happen. We look to continue building our “field of dreams” because we already know that if we build it they will come. We will press on! Please join us in making our student/residents and Randlin Homes successful!